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Our Wedding Photography Service Process

In this blog post, we explain our wedding photography and videography process in detail, from the client’s very first email or phone call until the delivery of his or her photographs/videos. The six big steps in our process are as follows:

1. Discussions and Planning

After a potential client contacts us, we agree on a date and time for a face-to-face or online video meeting through which we get to know each other and learn more about the wedding-day plans. Based on the big day’s itinerary and other details (e.g., location of the ceremony, details about the cake, bridal dance, fireworks), we then customize our photography/videography service to the client’s needs. At this meeting, we also discuss our honorarium, copyrights and consent, cancelation and delivery processes.

2. The Wedding Itinerary and Agreement

After this meeting, we prepare a customized agreement, which includes the itinerary and other relevant details for the day. We then send the agreement, together with an invoice for the deposit, to the client. Once the client has accepted the agreement and paid the deposit, we officially confirm, by email, that our services have been booked by the client for the wedding date. Two weeks before the big day, we follow up with a reminder just to make sure that we are on track and to see if there have been any updates to the Itinerary.

3. The Wedding Day

On the wedding day, we shoot according to the itinerary and notes while ensuring that we are communicating well with the client, guests, priest, and other relevant participants at the event. We are silent when we need to be silent (e.g., during the ceremony and speeches), and we are proactive and communicative when we need to be (e.g., during the private photo session and group pictures).

4. Editing and Retouching

After the wedding day, we send the client an email with the invoice attached for the rest of the honorarium and the exact date on which we will deliver the photographs/video (usually between 7 and 10 working days after the wedding) while we start the post-processing work. We carefully select, edit, and retouch the best photographs from technical and artistic points of view and, for the video montage, ensure the smoothest transitions and sharpest footage.

5. Your Wedding Memories

We deliver the final results on the promised date through a private online download gallery, which includes sharing options for the client’s guests. The video is sent through a private online link, which can be shared as well.

6. We Remain Friends

After the client has seen the photographs/video, if he or she is not satisfied with some photographs or parts of the video, we can provide extra edited pictures of the same scenarios or make small adjustments to the video - all included in our service.

After ensuring that the client is satisfied with the results, we invite him or her to briefly review our service.

These are the six big steps involved in our effort to provide the best service to our clients, which involves solid communication and planning and, most importantly, results in photos and videos that will provide them with beautiful memories of their wedding day!

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