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Frequently Asked Questions About FINORT

Wedding Photography & Videography Service in Copenhagen

What’s your style?

Our aim is to deliver a visual story which is cinematic, elegant and well composed. If it's through photography or videography we are looking to illustrate in a chronological order, the moments of your Wedding Day so you remember it exactly how it was. Our visual style is a combination between vintage and royal,  in a manner in which we keep the authenticity of the day, people and emotions without going too much in a commercial style.


We calibrate our shooting and editing methods depending on the moment of the day and the light which comes with it (for example Wedding Ceremony in Church and Private Photo Session in forest ) so we make sure we keep your story composed uniform and with the same visual style all around the photographs and/or video, so we can deliver a well visually defined final result.

How far in advance do we need to book?

This depends on the period of the year on which your wedding will take place. The most busy period is the wedding season which is approximate from May to September - if your wedding is in this period we recommend as soon as possible - for this period clients usually come with one year ahead.

If you're Wedding Day is out of the wedding season, a couple of months before should be fine, but of course the chances of availability increase with an earlier booking.

OBS: For 2021 and 2022 we recommend as soon as possible, since many weddings were canceled in 2020 because of the restrictions of COVID-19, and therefore it will be an over demand for 2021 and 2022. 

What is the booking process ?

After we receive your message, email or phone call, we establish an online video meeting or face-2-face meeting, in order to know each other and to see what are your plans for your Wedding Day. This meeting will help us to see how we can customize our service based on your itinerary and wishes.

After the meeting, we will send you the Wedding Photographic Plan & Agreement and the invoice for the deposit. Once deposit is received, we will officially confirm in writing by email, that you have booked us for your Wedding Day.

What happens after the booking confirmation and until the Wedding Day?

After we confirmed your booking, we will keep in touch by email or phone and update on-the-go the itinerary and other small details, if this is needed.

If there is no need for any updates until the Wedding Day, we will nevertheless follow you up with 1-2 weeks before the Wedding Day to make sure we are on track and if it's anything changed or to see if there are any other aspect for which we should be aware about it. :) 

In how much time do you deliver the photographs and/or the videos ?

We deliver after 7-10 days after the Wedding Day, depending on how busy is the period. We will set up and communicate a precise date for delivery in our first email after your Wedding Day.


Let's Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Tell us about your Wedding Day and Your Wishes.

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