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Nadia & Nicklas

Nadia & Nicklas, a very spontaneous and energetic Danish couple, decided to officialize their love and relationship in the historical St. John's Church in Copenhagen. After an harmonious ceremony together with family and friends, the couple shared a few moments with them cherishing a glass of champagne, jokes and a good vibe all together. We continued with the private photo session which took place in Dyrehaven, a forest situated in the north of Copenhagen. Here, Nadia $ Nicklas express unconditionally their feelings for each other by posing in the beautiful light which was slipping between the clouds and trees. The evening continued with a classic dinner where the closest members of the family shared their joy for the couple and the night ended with a well deserved and expected party. We invite you to check their visual story and all the spontaneous captured moments of Nadia & Nicklas ! --- Sergiu Leustean, Wedding Photographer